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We offer a wide variety of professional landscape services. Take a look below to see how we can help you!

Basic Lawn Maintenance

We offer seasonal (summer only) lawn maintenance. Due to a healthy lawns rapid growth here in the south, we only offer weekly services. That gives us the amount of time we need to properly maintain your landscape. 

Aeration & Overseeding

Lawn aeration removes soil plugs from your lawn allowing compacted soil to expand into the empty spaces as the grass grows. A typical pattern involves removing 1/2 inch diameter plugs every 2-6 inches across your lawn. A good sized plug is 1-3 inches long. The dimensions of aeration plugs depend mostly on the type of soil you have and how compacted it has become.

Full Service Maintenance

We offer yearly maintenance which allows us take care of your landscape year around. We will mow, edge, trim, prune, de-weed, remove leaves, treat your lawns chemically, and much more. Consistently leaving you with a beautiful landscape.

Landscape Installation

We offer every different type of landscape install. From just pine straw to complete landscape rehabs we can do it all. Installations including mulch, pine straw, Sod, Hardscapes, patios, retaining walls, plants, Annual flowers, and much more. 

Turf Treatment

. Our synchronized weed and fertilization program includes a lime application to provide the right nutrients for proper soil pH balance. Unlike our competitors, our program only requires 7 applications to ensure your lawn receives the nutrients it needs to be beautiful, thick and green.

Landscape Design

Need to start from scratch? Let us design and install a beautiful outdoor experience for you or your business.